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Sparta Wealth's Blair Thompson Ranked in Advisor Hub 2023

You may recall that in 2022 Sparta's Founder, Blair Thompson, was listed #8 in Advisor Hub's rankings for under $1 BN in assets sector. Well this year was a big leap and he was ranked #26 in the over $1 BN sector. Congrats to Blair.

2023 Rankings from Advisor Hub for over $1BN in Assets

Advisor Hub says "Our list is not just based on assets and production but also professionalism and growth. It’s a measure of who is doing their job and servicing their clients and their community. We are proud to have our share of multi-billion dollar advisors, but they still need to rank high in growth metrics to make the list. In other words, sitting on a book of inherited accounts from 20 years ago won’t guarantee a spot."

The list serves a large community, with more than 370 firms participating and over 700 advisors recognized. It is this breadth that gives vigor and energy to our lists.

You can read the full article here:

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