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Sparta Wealth Partners is a multi-family office & financial advisory firm with unparalleled access and delivery of  sophisticated wealth management, investment and planning execution.

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Are You Tired Of The Same Old Model and Approach?
Can't See The Forest From The Trees?

We  Execute and Enhance The Bigger Picture Of Financial Health and Growth.

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We are the family-office level solution for clients and advisors looking for ultimate sophistication, without having to build out their own dedicated team of specialists.

We choose to work with value-focused individuals, families and businesses that truly require a comprehensive and disciplined approach to managing their finances. We advise on long-term financial health, with a few key areas being:

  • overall or investment specific asset allocation

  • consolidation of retirement assets and tax advantaged income planning

  • evaluating short and long term mortgage or commercial banking needs

  • alternative Investments with a focus on real estate and dual use, national security support

  • designing business exit, recapitalization and/or general succession planning

Sparta accomplishes this by offering a truly holistic, coordinated approach, both internally and externally, through strategic partners and top-tier technology. As an entire community of specialists, we partner with both early stage entrepreneurs, to some of America’s most successful and multi-generational families.

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Our name is inspired by the legendary Greek Spartan society.  Eternally vigilant and disciplined, citizens and members of Sparta cherished their community and were extremely devoted to protecting and advancing its best interests.


We bring that same zeal and holistic approach to managing our clients’ financial and life growth pursuits.

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Sparta Wealth Partners is a member of the US DoD Trusted Capital Marketplace, which provides companies critical to national security, with access to funds from vetted capital providers.